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Age does not define who you are. But what you love and believe, does. 


Laura and Cynthia are spicy retirees defying age stereotypes, who happen to love art - from the exquisite and sublime to the primitive and minimalistic. Not just art but the magic of creating something beautiful and unique. Art is the shared soul of passionate people. Art is fun, playful, thought provoking, and engaging. Whether it’s seeing the world from a new and unexpected perspective through a photographer’s camera, or feeling the brush strokes of a painting softly touching your soul and filling your mind with color, art calls us to participate.  

New ideas deserve old beginnings. With a heavy splash of creativity, a beautiful contemporary experience can be born from the breath of antiquity. So, Cynthia and Laura brought to life Main Street West.

Main Street West believes in embracing the creation, sharing, and appreciation of all things artistic. From traditional to contemporary, we present you with affordable elegance for your home or work place.

Step inside and see the world through a multi-colored lens. Expand your mind beyond the frame and immerse yourself in beauty. Experience another person’s passionate expression with art. Embrace your own passion for the beauty in this world, framed so neatly, and displayed so prominently.

Where one can peruse through a building full of history, filled with fantastical pieces of fine art and other unique treasures. 

Where one is free to change their mind, try new options, and explore different emotions.

Where one can feel the excitement of the owners, and escape from the mundane and dreary.

Where one can add a little spice to life.


Main Street West gallery and art service center welcomes you with an exciting twist. Tucked away in the relaxed, hospitable, and utterly quaint town of Hartselle, Alabama, we offer to you, not just fine art, but business art services as well as cultural event experiences to bring creators and beholders together. Laura and Cynthia’s mission for the gallery is to share the delight of art in the heart of the south by featuring original southern paintings, photography, sculpture and artistic lamps. The perfect opportunity for people of all walks in life to adorn their homes and businesses in beauty, while embracing the local arts. We invite you to visit us, leave the ordinary behind, and immerse yourself in the magnificent treasure of art. Find what inspires you, find what you love, find what makes you happy, and make it your own.

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